Speed reading for beginners is not always fun and sometimes an effot is needed to increase your motivation to speed read. It is work and if you are clever enough to enjoy it you definitely are having high level of emotional intelligence. However, there are times when it is not a great fun. I use a few methods to enjoy it, ideologically and practically. Grant yourself That is one of the nicest parts I have in life, and it is necessary for maintaining me motivated for long terms. Before practicing I set my self an objective and a reward. The objective is possible but not easy. It can be reading 300 pages, speed reading or photo reading a book or two, or when using the method I like better that is 3D reading, reading a 300 books pages in an hour using photo reading as well as speed reading techniques. When I’m done I always reward myself and I give me a 30 minutes break, eating something tasty, reading a newspaper, doing anything I like or some of them together, whatsoever. It is very important to let my mind have this understanding – it is very rewarding to get better! If you are looking for better reasons to motivate yourself you can always ask yourself these questions [proffered by the philosopher Patrizio Paoletti]: What will I have when the objective is obtained? Who will enjoy the results? What will happen if I don’t get these results? Answering sincerely on these three simple questions will create a motivated path in your mind you couldn’t ignore. It forces the associative thought to harness itself and to strain itself and giving itself a clear enlighten path towards defining an achieving a goal. In this case the goal is Increase your motivation to speed read. Yes, it is linked to your ability to discipline yourself and as you acquire these abilities, everything is touchable, reachable, including many things that were not reachable before. Remember, as said 800 years ago by Jalal ad-Din Rumi, “Man, Increase your needs, then your perception will develop new organs of perception.”


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